Cable fault location, testing, and diagnostics

Empower your decision making with our innovative cable fault solutions.

Reliable cable infrastructure plays a critical role in today’s landscape. Megger plays a critical role in helping you avoid service interruptions. That’s because Megger’s cable testers find faults other devices can’t detect — whether it’s damage to the cable, workmanship failures, or cable deterioration — helping you reduce costs and maximise the security of your supply. Our experience in testing, knowledge of cables, and cable test methods fuel our designs, resulting in the most efficient solutions and best-in-class performance.

Shut downtime down:

The need for effective cable fault location is undeniable. Megger’s diagnostic systems enable you to not only identify and address cable faults fast, but predict and prevent issues before they impact your operations — all without causing damage to the healthy parts of the cable.

Accuracy where it matters:

Our cable fault locators are designed with a toolbox philosophy, incorporating advanced technologies that guarantee accurate and consistent results no matter the application.

Harness the power of data:

When you test a cable, you want to have confidence in the results. Megger’s solutions streamline data management and predictive analysis, so you can make better, more informed decisions.


Reliability you can depend on:

Our cable testers meet regulations and requirements, and exceed your expectations, preventing compliance-related setbacks and ensuring safe operations. That’s because we prioritise safety while testing, ensuring that your personnel and assets remain protected during every testing operation. Plus, you’ll benefit from extended product lifespans that reduce maintenance costs long term.

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