Bundle - Solarkit

Megger presents … Solutions for the solar technician!

Megger rolled out a solar testing toolkit to improve standards for PV system quality control checks at the point of commissioning and during routine operations and maintenance.


The toolkit is comprised of the following four instruments:

  • Our insulation resistance tester, the MIT2500, is the perfect tool to ensure and validate system safety, preventing damaged wires from causing ground faults, electrical shock, and fire hazards. The MIT2500 includes a unique guard terminal that helps avoid inaccurate diagnostic results from surface leakage currents.
  • Our digital clamp meter, the DCM1500S, gives solar technicians the flexibility to measure and record voltages up to 2000 V DC true RMS up to 1500 V AC and amperages up to 1500 A on the AC and DC sides of the system.
  • When you need an irradiance meter to validate system performance, just hold our PVM210 in the palm of your hand. Point the sensor in the same direction as the solar modules to see how much sunlight is striking the array. Read the array current and sunlight intensity at the same time to validate that the system is performing correctly.
  • To check for hotspots on the front or backside of a PV array that can lead to reduced production or safety hazards, use our thermal camera, the TC3231. By blending thermal images over normal camera images, the TC3231 can also pinpoint bad wiring connections within combiner boxes, inverters, and AC panelboards.

For more information on these and other products for solar applications, goto our renewables category. While you’re there, download the Product Overview for the solar test kit.