Megger and Synaptec strategic alliance

Megger and Synaptec announce strategic alliance to provide grid infrastructure monitoring solutions

Online monitoring specialist Synaptec and leading test and measurement company Megger have launched a strategic alliance with the aim of offering complete end-to-end solutions for the commissioning, protecting, and performance management of electrical power infrastructure. 

Bringing together innovative monitoring and analysis techniques with deep knowledge of electrical asset behaviour and health, the alliance aims to launch a range of health and performance monitoring solutions for assets ranging from overhead lines, to underground and subsea cables, generators, and other high-voltage infrastructure. The alliance will focus on providing a comprehensive, holistic approach to electrical asset performance management, from pre-commissioning through to ongoing preventative maintenance insights and ultimately maximising assets’ useful life.

Established in 2014, Synaptec was the original developer of the Distributed Electrical Sensing (DES) fibre-optic instrumentation platform that enables voltage and current to be measured cost-effectively throughout power networks. The technology addresses the rapidly growing need for real-time, reliable, and cost-effective protection and monitoring of complex power systems, and underpins a range of products deployed across the power grids, renewables, and industrial sectors around the world.

Megger is historically known for electrical insulation assessment, enabling electrical systems to function safely. This safety focus is at the core of all of its test and measurement solutions that enable Electrical engineers to maintain electrical installations and grid networks and remain safe whilst doing so.  Future relevance to the industry is critical which has led Megger to support technology developments to enable online condition monitoring across all asset classes.

“We are hugely excited to join forces with industry veterans Megger to provide more comprehensive asset monitoring solutions to our customers. This new alliance will unify test & measurement with online monitoring to provide an industry first: end-to-end solutions for managing the performance and maintenance of cables, lines, and HV assets from commissioning right through to maximal end of life.”

Commented Synaptec’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Philip Orr

“Synaptec have developed truly innovative technologies enabling condition monitoring and protection of electrical assets in difficult and demanding environments, Collaboration of the two companies brings new and innovative monitoring and measurement solutions to network owners, promising reductions in unplanned outages and improved reliability. This enables Megger to provide a full care package to the Electrical Supply Industry across the electrical asset life cycle. ”

Commented Megger’s Chief Strategy & Technology Officer, Dr Andrew Dodds


For further information, please contact VP Marketing Communications, Bram van Steenbergen Bram:  [email protected]


About Synaptec

Synaptec developed and manufacture the world’s first and only completely passive solution for distributed electrical and mechanical sensing, which unifies visibility and control of power systems with unprecedented speed, accuracy, range, and security.

Proven in mission-critical transmission protection applications, their technology is also being used for real-time control and asset management, automating condition monitoring functions for critical MV and HV assets which are remote or inaccessible.

Through their unique combination of expertise in photonics, electrical engineering, power systems instrumentation, and analytics, their patented technologies can meet the diverse needs of customers operating the world’s most complex and modern power systems, offshore wind farms, and private industrial power systems such as railways.


About Megger

Megger Group has been a leader in electrical test and measurement globally since it was founded in 1889. From power generation, transmission, distribution through to low voltage installations Megger test and measurement solutions cover almost every application within the Electrical Supply Industry.

Megger has applications in seven core technology areas:  cable and overhead line test, diagnostics and fault location, testing of protection schemes including IED’s and circuit breakers, transformer test and diagnostics, low voltage installations, motor and generator testing and general electrical testing across industry.  The scope ranges from factory and site acceptance testing, periodic testing through to online monitoring of electrical assets, providing health indices to enable asset performance management.   

The company has nine manufacturing sites in locations within Germany, USA, UK and Sweden, its headquarters based in Dover, UK, and has over forty sales offices across the globe..