Megger acquires Diagnostic Solutions Limited

Megger acquires Diagnostic Solutions Limited, a specialist in rotating machinery vibration monitoring

Electrical measurement company Megger Group (“Megger”) today (March 6th, 2024) announced it has acquired Diagnostic Solutions Limited (DSL), a UK based specialist in rotating machinery vibration monitoring and analysis within the Predictive Maintenance sector.

Online vibration analysis is the most common monitoring application for rotating machinery, and as such is an excellent addition to Megger’s electrical motor and generator testing instruments. 

DSL’s installed wireless sensors carry out condition monitoring via cloud services to identify potential faults such as worn bearings or misalignment in motors and generators. 

Condition assessment using DSL sensors and software informs maintenance planning and reduces unplanned downtime and the associated costs, so is a valuable tool in any industrial asset management strategy. 

Full details of DSL’s offer can be found on their website here:

“We are incredibly excited to bring DSL on board with the Rotating Machinery team, as DSL’s vibration expertise adds extensive capabilities to our Motor and Generator testing range”

Damon Mount, Head of Business Development at Megger


About Diagnostic Solutions Limited

Founded in 1998, DSL have established a strong reputation for vibration monitoring and analysis within the Predictive Maintenance sector as PdM pioneers. 


About Megger 

Headquartered in Dover, UK, Megger has nine manufacturing sites globally and local offices in 42 countries.  Since 1889, the business focus has been to support the Electrical Supply Industry with test and measurement instruments, providing insight to electrical asset performance.  Megger’s investment into online measurements further increases its industry relevance for the future.