Training and education in the COVID era

Electrical Tester - 9 October 2020

Author: Dinesh Chhajer, Manager Technical Support Group

In response to the global coronavirus outbreak, Megger and the AVO Training Institute have reconfigured their program of courses and seminars so that they can continue to deliver the comprehensive, accessible and practical training for which they are known throughout the industry. Below you can read a brief summary of what’s currently on offer. All items are free of charge except for the AVO Training Institute Virtual Learning. Webinar presentations are followed by Q&A sessions that typically add around 30 minutes to the overall duration.

  • Best practice seminars.  These two-day online seminars comprise of two one-hour technical presentations each day, followed by a Q&A session. Topics include battery maintenance; transformer winding assessment; insulation condition assessment with partial discharge, power factor, dielectric frequency response and cable diagnostics. More information and recordings of past seminars at

  • Testing tactics webinars.  Produced in collaboration with NETA and qualifying for receiving NETA CTDs, these one-hour live webinars help attendees to avoid common mistakes and accelerate testing without sacrificing safety or efficiency. More information and recordings at

  • Special application webinars.  These one-hour webinars deal with specific instruments and cover step-by-step procedures, safety recommendations, best field practices and the basics of result analysis. More information and recordings at

  • ‘You ask, we answer’ webinars.  These interactive webinars give attendees an opportunity to ask our technical experts questions in real time and get a live response. More information and recordings at

  • Case study webinar series.  As the sharing of knowledge and real-world experiences at conferences is not currently possible, Megger has filled the gap by offering case study webinars where applications engineers discuss challenges they have encountered in the field and their solutions. More information and recordings at

  • 'How to' videos.  These new three- to eight-minute videos walk users through test procedures and software demonstrations to refresh their knowledge of operating details and instrument features. They can be added to user playlists for quick reference while testing. Find them at

  • Technical podcasts.  Technical podcasts are 15 to 25 minute discussions about electrical testing theories, ideas and practices that provide insight and educational information in an easy to digest format. Search your favorite podcast service provider for Megger podcasts.

  • Megger Technical Library: Application notes.  The Megger Technical Library currently contains more than 180 application notes, white papers and technical articles, each of which addresses a specific technical topic, providing information in a concise and easily digestible form. Find them under the ‘Support’ heading and go to the ‘Technical Library’ at

  • Megger Technical Library: Transformer Life Management (TLM) bulletin.  Megger’s Transformer Life Management (TLM) bulletin provides in-depth coverage of transformer diagnostic test methods. Topics include power factor, Individual Temperature Correction (ITC), excitation current, core demagnetisation, OLTC dynamic resistance, Sweep Frequency Response Analysis (SFRA), oil tan delta, one time connection, and moisture in insulation. Find them under the ‘Support’ heading and go to the ‘Technical Library’ at

  • AVO Training Institute Virtual learning.  In March of this year, the AVO Training Institute began providing safety and code-related courses online. It has since expanded its virtual offering to include maintenance-based training for protective relays, breakers, and substation equipment. View the full catalog of virtual learning courses at