Megger donates equipment to GateWay Community College

20 May 2014

GateWay Community College students in the Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Facilities program use Megger's donated equipment.  Left to right: Patrick Anderson, John Pap, Kevin Friend, Matthew Hamm.

Megger recently donated equipment to GateWay Community College in Phoenix, AZ.The college will be using the hand tachometers in the Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Facilities program.

The Digital Photoelectric and Combination Hand Tachometers have advanced microprocessor-controlled circuitry and a specialized infrared-type sensing system packaged in a compact, lightweight, shockproof plastic body. They are insensitive to fluorescent light and electromagnetic fields. An autoranging, low-demand seven segment LCD for battery conservation is used anywhere from dimly lit working areas to bright sunlight. A rugged contact adapter with 0.275-in. (7-mm) shaft slips conveniently over the photo beam housing to permit contact measurement of linear speeds. The 4th semester students are seen using the tachometers during class as a way to build the necessary skills for real world situations.