Down the well: Megger's TDR in action

25 June 2014

Megger recently supplied Mr. T Spooling with a CFL535G TDR.  This handheld time domain reflectometer easily locates fault on mixed pair metallic cables. The CFL535G can test the capabilities of connections and locate faults for up to 12 miles. Mr. Torres, owner of Mr. T Spooling, took Mike Palmer of Megger to a working well site in Long Beach where Mike was able to shoot traces on a cable while it was being placed in the well that controls the oil pump some 10,000 feet into the well.

“They stopped the process to let me shoot the trace,” said Palmer. “When I shot the first trace I noticed that there was an event at approximately 2,200 feet and I commented that this looked like a tear in the outer sheath of the cable.”  Initially the lead superintendent dismissed this saying it was a coupling on the cable and it was of no concern. Upon further examination, this proved to be wrong when they did the pressure test on a 3/8” compressed air line that is pulled into the well at the same time as the pump control cable.  The air-line could not be pressurized and the cable had to be pulled out.  On inspection of the cable, the sheath was damaged at 2,200 feet as the CFL535G identified.

Mr. T was so pleased with the performance of the CFL535G stating that he believed it was going to revolutionize his business.  He believes that data logging capability allows him to outshine his peers in the repair and maintenance market in the oil and gas industry.