Electrical insulation testing solutions

The leading portfolio for installation and power assets, from Megger

When the world’s leading electrical experts need the tools to get the job done right, they go with Megger. That’s because as the industry experts, we design our insulation testers to address every critical challenge that may arise, throughout the complete lifecycle of the asset. From commissioning and installation to transportation and repairs, you can trust our in-depth knowledge and top-of-the-line products to empower your decision-making.

Safety without compromise:

Designed to endure the harshest environments and conditions, we also build our insulation resistance testers with safety in mind to ensure the protection of both users and equipment.

Accuracy where it matters:

Measure with precision. Get confident results. Repeat. Megger’s insulation testers maintain accuracy up to the high resistance values many applications demand.

Reliability you can depend on:

Our electrical insulation testing solutions meet regulations and requirements, and exceed your expectations. Always ready to test, you’ll benefit from extended product lifespans that improve your asset management program’s ROI. But most importantly, you’ll know that our products work whenever and wherever you need them to.

A trusted partner:

Trend analysis is only effective when tests are performed properly and the data is accurate. Megger's instruments provide the precision you need to predict and manage degradation of assets. Leverage our 130+ years of expertise and knowledge, gained from working across all sectors of
the electrical power industry around the world, to help you conduct tests and analyse results the right way.

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