Partial Discharge Testing and Monitoring

Identify and address equipment faults at the earliest possible stage.

Partial discharge (PD) is one of the earliest signs of an emerging fault in electrical systems. Accurately identifying the signs of PD gives you the best chance of mitigating problems before they occur — and the best chance comes from advanced PD measurement and monitoring solutions.

Megger’s portfolio includes tools for accurate partial discharge testing that can identify deteriorating insulation and weak spots in rotating machines, transformers, cables, switchgear, and bushings. Our advanced partial discharge monitoring and measurement solutions can be used to implement condition-based maintenance strategies on-site, or to complete rigorous quality assurance tests to fulfil factory acceptance testing (FAT) and site acceptance testing (SAT) requirements.

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Reduce downtime and risk:

Partial discharge is one of the most effective ways of detecting insulation degradation at the earliest stage. Megger’s sensitive PD monitoring solutions give you all the tools you need to detect these issues at their inception and adopt condition-based maintenance — key for avoiding disruptions and downtime, minimising operational risks and making the best use of your resources.

Expert support for your needs:

It’s not just our PD testing solutions that are designed to be intuitive and high quality. Our support is too. 


With the acquisition of PDIX by the Megger group, we draw from the extensive and proven expertise in PD testing and high voltage diagnostics that has made the PDIX brand a global leader for more than 30 years. The Megger team of experts are on hand to share their unrivalled expertise in PD testing, helping you get the full benefit of PD insights — no matter how complex your application is.

Quality you can rely on:

You can be assured of the quality of your asset with Megger’s quality assurance solutions. Whether you’re conducting FAT or SAT tests, maintenance testing or evaluating an asset after repair, our high quality solutions will give you the peace of mind that your asset is ready for operation.


Reliability you can count on:

Equipment can quickly become less reliable over time as insulation ages and PD becomes more common, which in turn accelerates the rate of degradation. Advanced PD monitoring highlights when these faults begin to occur so you can act to improve equipment reliability at the earliest opportunity, without risking unplanned downtime.

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