Electrical safety and compliance training

Achieve electrical excellence with electrical safety training with Megger and the AVO Training Institute

Megger and the AVO Training Institute have developed a comprehensive range of training programs to help a diverse range of customers to upskill and enhance their electrical safety knowledge. Whether you’re an entry level tester, a service contractor, an electrical safety tradesperson or a member of an electrical test laboratory, we have the right course for you.

Our electrical safety and compliance training programs can help you to keep electrical systems running safely and efficiently, reduce on-site risks, interpret and act on local electrical codes, or simply to brush up your knowledge on electrical safety standards.

Quality at every level:

Whether you’re looking to simplify the onboarding process of new employees or help field personnel better their understanding of electrical safety, our courses ensure that learners at every level get the knowledge and skills they need.

At the forefront:

The industry keeps moving forward, and so do we. Our courses keep pace with the latest technologies and test instruments, standards, and markets. We let you learn using the latest and greatest test tools, and can ensure you’re up to date with the latest changes in essential standards such as OSHA, NEC, NFPA, and more. A new Solar Systems Advanced Certification was even recently added to enhance understanding of electrical safety in the booming renewable energy market.

Practical insights:

Our courses aren’t based solely on theory. Our experienced team of instructors includes specialised engineers with extensive industry experience, offering invaluable insights and practical knowledge.


We offer a range of ways for your team to learn with us. You can opt for in-person training sessions that let you get hands-on with the tools, at our facilities or at your site. For greater accessibility, we also offer virtual training options that bring our instructor’s expertise remotely to your team, wherever they are.