Megger Personas: Brandon McKelvain

8 August 2023
Brandon McKelvain - Training Manager, STL USA


Years of Experience in the Electrical Power Industry: 10+

Brandon McKelvain has spent the last four years training technicians in safety, rescue, and technical courses. His background includes business development, operations management, technical support, maintenance, installation, commissioning, and troubleshooting.


What does STL USA do?

STL USA is a full-service training company working exclusively in the wind energy sector. STL USA provides a complete range of training solutions for wind technicians and their employers, from open enrollment industry accreditations through to bespoke training implementation. Electrical safety is a core element across the entire portfolio.


Did you always want to be in this industry? If so, why? If not, how’d you wind up here?

I’ve always had an interest energy. I got into the industry right out of high school.


What made STL USA choose Megger testers?

Megger is one of the most known and trusted names in the industry. We wanted to integrate more test equipment into our training, so naturally we reached out to Megger. Thankfully Megger was willing to partner with STL USA to help raise the training bar by utilizing high-end test equipment in our technical courses. 


Who are your students? Are your students new to the industry or can they train with you during any part of their career?

Students are a mixture of new hires in the industry and more experienced technicians.


What has surprised you the most about working in training for renewables?

The lack of hands-on electrical training across the board.


What is one of the biggest issues currently facing technicians in renewable energy?

Right now, the wind industry is going through a period of standardization to ensure that all field personnel have a baseline of skills to improve job outcomes and safety. As an industry, wind is experiencing huge growth at a macro level and the biggest challenge is recruitment.


What is the best thing about working in the industry you are in?

Opportunity! If you work hard, this industry has a lot to offer.


What advice would you give to someone looking into this field of work?

Knowledge is an advantage. Participate in as much training as possible and keep learning.


Tell us your favorite joke.

6:30 is my favorite time of day (hands down).