Procurement policy


Megger Group is committed to operating all aspects of its supply chain to ethical, environmental, social and safe business best practice.  As such Megger requires all vendors supplying the company to operate to the same high standards, noting that vendors shall operate within the rules, laws and regulations applicable to the country of origin. 

Megger Group recognise our responsibilities and carry out our procurement activities in a safe and sustainable manner according to the ISO 20400 guidance on Sustainable Procurement. Our procurement of goods and services can be used to assist in achieving our commitment to net-zero and minimise our environmental impact.

The supply chain code of conduct used and operated by Megger Group has been developed to detail the expectations from all suppliers. This is our minimum standard of practice expected. By accepting our Supplier Code of Conduct the suppliers must be capable of demonstrating their procedures for compliance and performance upon request. Environmental impact assessments will be included in supplier audits which are implemented where necessary.

Megger reviews its supply chains and operations on a continuous basis to check compliance with the policy, ensuring the policy is implemented effectively.

Megger is committed to continuous improvement and includes training in Sustainable Procurement for key employees.  Training actions are a key performance indicator for the Group and reviewed by the Group Board as part of its risk management programme.

This policy is issued and owned by the Megger Group Board. No deviations may be made from it without written Board approval.


Piers Grumett

August 2023