Circuit breaker testing solutions

Enhance grid reliability and resilience with a proven partner.

Need to ensure the safe and efficient distribution of power? Then you need Megger. With over 40 years of experience, the world’s leading experts trust our comprehensive portfolio of circuit breaker testing solutions to meet the demands of the job — and the industry. 

Assured confidence:

When you test a circuit breaker, you want to have confidence in the results. Designed to excel in real-world applications, our products are the top choice for routine tests, large-scale commissioning projects, IEC 61850 in digital substations, or whatever your unique needs may be. And when those needs change quickly, we have a suitable solution ready for you. Even our advanced circuit testers remain intuitive enough to empower users at all skill levels to navigate complex tests with assurance and precision.

Play it safe:

Looking for a safe circuit breaker testing environment? Look no further than Megger’s patented DualGround™ timing technology, which gives repeatable and reliable timing results — quickly, safely, and with both sides grounded on any type of circuit breaker.

Make data-driven decisions:

Many products claiming to be circuit breaker analysers only provide some of the necessary tests, requiring you to use multiple instruments. Not Megger. Our solutions allow you to perform a complete analysis, and can be configured to suit specific requirements — whether it’s a 6.6 kV, 132 kV, or even a 765
kV breaker — giving you actionable insights to make better, more informed decisions.


Swift efficiency:

Whether you’re working from existing plans or prefer a quick test, you can count on guided connections and one-button automated test plans throughout the process, plus one-click report generation. All to help streamline work and save you valuable time.

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