Water leak detection and monitoring

Transform your water management with innovative water leak detection solutions from the industry’s partner of choice.

Water leakage is a costly problem for utility providers and governments alike. With trillions of litres and millions in non-revenue water (NRW) lost every year, water leakage is undoubtedly one of the most pressing issues of modern times. This is why water leak detection and monitoring solutions are crucial for effective water pipe network management.

SebaKMT is a globally trusted partner of leading water companies, utilities providers and governments due to its innovative portfolio of water leak monitoring solutions. Our solutions have a proven track record of delivering results, helping companies to save water, reduce costs, and improve the sustainability of their operations.

Precise water leak detection:

Even the smallest leaks in a pipe network can lead to significant losses. Our innovative water leak detection technologies can accurately identify even the smallest leaks, allowing you to act immediately to fix the problem.

Maximise revenue:

Water lost through leakages makes up a large amount of non-revenue water (NRW) for utilities providers. The faster you can accurately identify and repair leaks, the more revenue you can recover.

Improve efficiency:

Water leaks not only mean lost water, they also mean irregularities in water pressure and pipe flow rates that can disrupt service to utility customers. Addressing issues earlier means a better service and happier customers.


Reduce environmental impact:

Water loss is more than a financial issue: it’s an environmental issue. Water conservation is high on the priority list for the United Nations, governments and responsible businesses around the world. Reducing losses in water networks is a crucial part of improving water conservation — and our water leak monitoring solutions play a key role.

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