Electrical resistance testing solutions

Prioritise your safety and infrastructure efficiency with a proven partner.

When precision is non-negotiable, don’t settle for just any ground resistance tester. Go with the best. At Megger, we understand that your challenges are as diverse as your responsibilities, and we have an unwavering commitment to helping you achieve both through our comprehensive portfolio of top-tier test instruments.

Energy waste, erased:

When abnormally high resistance causes energy losses, it increases operating costs, which means you’re paying for energy you cannot use. Megger’s ground resistance testers help you identify energy waste due to connection-related heating, so you can improve the efficiency of your electrical installation, lower operating costs, and reduce your carbon footprint.


Break through the noise:

Overheated connections bring with them the threat of costly downtime and fire hazards. Our high-quality instruments enable you to proactively detect and address these issues and safeguard your operations. They’re also designed with high-noise immunity, guaranteeing accurate measurements even in the presence of electrical noise. You can trust us to deliver dependable results, regardless of the testing conditions.

Take safer measures:

Ensure proper grounding and bonding for your electrical systems. Our ground testers meet industry standards and requirements, and exceed your expectations — so you can mitigate safety hazards, comply with building construction specifications, and guarantee the performance of your electrical installations.


A trusted partner:

Leverage our 130+ years of expertise and knowledge, gained from working across all sectors of the electrical power industry around the world. 

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