Testing solutions for electricians

Improve the efficiency of low voltage electrical testing with Megger's range of solutions for domestic, commercial, and industrial installation testing.

Safety hazards, code and regulation compliance, technical complexity, and instrument selection are just a few of the challenges that electricians face,that’s why we’ve developed a range of instruments that can help you deliver projects safely and efficiently.

From simple voltage testers to comprehensive fault locators, our instruments cater to a wide range of customers and applications. Whether you are a service or maintenance manager overseeing complex electrical installations or a domestic electrician ensuring home safety, our comprehensive range of solutions can help.


Making life easy:

Electrical systems are far from simple and straightforward, especially in industrial settings. We’ve designed our products to take the stress out of tasks. Our wide portfolio makes selecting the right tool easy, and our multi-function tools streamline your toolkit to help you to maintain even the most complex systems with ease.

Continuous compliance:

We stay on top of ever-changing regulations and standards so you don’t have to. Megger's test instruments are designed to help you meet international and local safety requirements, ensuring your work is always code or regulation compliant

Safe and accurate:

Safety is paramount in the electrical industry. Our products help keep you safe while providing accurate measurements, reliable performance and reducing the risk of electrical incidents. 

Comprehensive report and certificate generation:

Keeping tabs on data and reporting on install’s is important. Our instruments allow the user to log data directly, making report and certification generation easy. These features enable you to smoothly gather critical information, aiding in efficient maintenance and troubleshooting while ensuring thorough documentation of all your work.

Additional Resources

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