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Megger webinars provide valuable educational knowledge across a number of areas include testing theory and applications, best practices, industry standards / procedures, and safety.  These FREE webinars are presented by Megger’s expert Application Engineers and Product Managers, who utilize their experiences in the field and industry to give you a greater insight into electrical testing to help you avoid common mistakes and accelerate your testing.  

  • Webinars sessions are open to all.  
  • All registrants will receive a link to view the recording of the webinar via email. This will be sent within a week of the live presentation. If you are unable to attend the live webinar session, please register to ensure you will receive this link and can view the recording at a later time.  
  • Each webinar is 1 hour long, followed by a 15 – 30 minute Q&A session.
  • During the live webinar, attendees can submit questions to the presenter/s and as many as possible will be answered during the Q&A Session.  Those questions that are not answered will be responded to individually at the conclusion of the webinar. 

Megger Testing Tactics Monthly Webinar Series

Megger has partnered with NETA (International Electrical Testing Association) in North America to present a monthly webinar series that allows webinar registrants to receive NETA CTDs (Continuing Technical Development Credits) for attending the live webinar.  These sessions are marked with “Testing Tactics” in the titles of the webinars listed below.  

  • Only attendees of the live Testing Tactics webinar sessions are eligible to receive 1 NETA CTD (Continuing Technical Development Credit) and 0.1 CEU (Continuing Education Units) or 1 PDH (Professional Development Hour) for each webinar attended. 
  • Live attendees of the webinar will also receive a PDF copy of the PowerPoint presentation.  



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2023 Webinars

Live Date Testing Focus Webinar Title Presenter
12/8/2023 Transformer Advanced Transformer Diagnostics – SFRA, DFR Cade Patton
11/17/2023 Cable Condition Assessment of Medium Voltage Cables Joseph Aguirre
10/24/2023 Renewables Battery applications in wind farms Andrew Sagl
10/20/2023 Relay Testing Generator Protection Relays Jacob Lloyd
10/12/2023 Relay Relay protection strategies and test challenges in wind farms Niclas Wetterstrand and Andrea Bonetti
9/26/2023 Renewables Wind turbine testing - advanced winding analysis for generators and ancillary motors Mike Herring
9/22/2023 Transformer 1 Hz Testing : A New Dawn in PF Testing Yash Godwani
9/13/2023 Circuit Breaker An Evolution of Primary Injection Testing with the SPI4000 David Martinez
9/5/2023 Renewables Condition assessment of different assets within a wind power installation with partial discharge diagnostics Robert Madarasz and Lutz Hulka
8/30/2023 Renewables Testing Photovoltaic Systems: Ground Fault Location, Insulation and Equipotential Testing Felix Lesmes and Kelly Pickerel
8/18/2023 Cable Cable Faults and How to Find Them Brett Cursey
7/25/2023 Transformer Transformers in the Wind Energy System - Challenges and Opportunities Diego Robalino
7/21/2023 Motor Offline Partial Discharge Testing on Motors Swapnil Marathe
7/19/2023 Relay Utilizing SMRT/RTMS Relay Testing Templates Abel Gonzalez
7/13/2023 Cable Power Quality in Wind Turbines Focus on Cable Fault Location Tony Walker
6/28/2023 Relay Streamlining Protection and Control Testing Processes Using the PMM-2 Power Multimeter Jacob Loyd
6/23/2023 Relay Application of Symmetrical Components in Power System Protection Michael Wilson
5/25/2023 Renewables Wind Turbine Testing For Safety, Efficiency, and Fault Identification Ahmed El-Rasheed
5/24/2023 Relay AVO Training Institute: Relay Testing Maintenance Software: Greatly Improve Testing and Reporting Jacob Lloyd and Johian Francois
5/19/2023 Cable Offline Partial Discharge Diagnostic of Medium Voltage Cables Shahryar Farhang
4/21/2023 Battery Battery Testing According to NERC PRC-005-6 David Martinez
3/29/2023 Grid Protection MGA Webinar Series: Episode 1: Proactive Vegetation Management David Schlain
3/17/2023 Protection Interpreting the Test Results for High Voltage Circuit Breakers Nnadozie Eronini
2/17/2023 Relay Avoiding Pitfalls During Ground-Fault Location Volney Naranjo
1/20/2023 Battery Proactive Cable Condition Assessment Using Advanced Cable Diagnostics Methods Robert Probst


2022 Webinars

Live Date Testing Focus Webinar Title Presenter
12/9/2022 Battery Avoiding Pitfalls During Ground-Fault Location Volney Naranjo
11/18/2022 Cable Proactive Cable Condition Assessment Using Advanced Cable Diagnostics Methods Robert Probst
10/21/2022 Transformer Partial Discharge Fault Location on Power Transformers Ceren Gürbüz
9/23/2022 Relay Systematic Approach to Testing Power Swing Blocking and Out-Of-Step Tripping Elements Abel Gonzalez
9/22/2022 Motor Surge Test For Electric Motors: Modern Variables for the Diagnostic of the Winding Insulation Condition Luis Beltran
8/19/2022 Transformer Transformer Turns Ratio Fundamentals and Best Practices Cade Patton
7/22/2022 Transformer Innovations in Power Factor Testing Ken Petroff
7/21/2022 Motor Non-Destructive Nature of High Voltage Testing for Motor Insulation Swapnil Marathe
6/17/2022 Cable Test Methods & Data Analysis of Offline PD Measurements on Power Cables Joseph Aguirre
5/20/2022 Protection Primary Injection Testing of Distribution Single Phase Reclosers Volney Naranjo
4/22/2022 Protection Transformer Protection and Testing: Beyond Differential Sughosh Kuber
4/21/2022 Rotating Machines Shortcomings of Low Voltage Testing for Motor Insulation Condition Assessment Scott Lebruska
3/23/2022 Renewables Ground Fault Location in PV Systems Brian Hammerschmidt
3/18/2022 Transformer Transformer Winding Resistance Measurement: Field Challenges Dinesh Chhajer
2/18/2022 Cable Understanding and Interpreting the Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) Traces for Cable Fault Location Glen Wahl
1/21/2022 Protection Testing Protection Systems in the Real World Guillermo Falquez


2021 Webinars

Live Date Testing Focus Webinar Title Presenter
12/3/2021 Battery How to Perform Battery Discharge Testing Daniel Carreno
11/19/2021 Cable Best Practices and Techniques for Cable Fault Location and Special Applications Joseph Aguirre
11/10/2021 Protection Directional Protection Fundamentals Abel Gonzalez
11/3/2021 Cable Best Practices for Partial Discharge Measurements on Medium Voltage Cables Charles Nybeck
10/27/2021 Circuit Breaker Guide on Testing of Low Voltage Circuit Breakers Sanket Bolar and Technical Diagnostic Services
10/15/2021 Protection Advanced Recloser Testing Abel Gonzalez
10/13/2021 General Electrical Testing Analysis of Ohmic Measurements for Battery Condition Assessment Andy Sagl
9/17/2021 Transformer Special Applications of Narrow Band DFR Beyond Power Transformers Diego Robalino
8/20/2021 General Electrical Testing Primary Current Injection Applications for Low Voltage Circuit Breakers, Reclosers, Sectionalizers and CTs Jason Aaron
8/11/2021 Protection Line Differential Protection Explained Sughosh Kuber
7/28/2021 Circuit Breaker Automated Primary Injection Testing Techniques with the Megger SPI 225 Jason Aaron and Bret Hammonds
7/14/2021 Transformer Evaluations of Magnetic Circuit of Transformers Sanket Bolar
6/30/2021 Transformer Best Practices for Mineral Oil Breakdown Voltage Test Tinku Halim and James Graham
6/9/2021 Relay Creating and Modifying Relay Test Management Software Automated Test Modules David Beard
5/25/2021 Cable Understanding Proactive Cable Maintenance Programs and the Testing Behind Them Darren Byrne
5/11/2021 Insulation Resistance Testing Technical Answers to Common Customer Questions: Insulation Testing Solutions Jeff Jowett
5/4/2021 Insulation Resistance Testing Technical Answers to Common Customer Questions: Insulation Testing Theory & Application Jeff Jowett
4/16/2021 Power Diagnostix On-site Insulation Analysis for GIS using UHF and Acoustic PD Measurements Charles Nybeck
4/14/2021 Relay You Ask We Answer: Relay Testing and Maintenance Technical Support Group
3/24/2021 General Electric Testing Advancements in Primary Current Injection for LV Circuit Breaker Testing Jason Aaron
3/23/2021 Ground Testing Technical Answers to Common Customer Questions: An Introduction to Megger's Ground Testing Solutions Jeff Jowett
3/19/2021 Protection/Transformer Advanced Testing and Assessment of Instrument Transformers Volney Naranjo
2/24/2021 Cable Advantages and Limitations of VLF and Tan Delta Testing for Medium Voltage Cables Javier Ruiz
2/19/2021 Protection Understanding Different Transmission Line Protection Schemes Sughosh Kuber
1/15/2021 Transformer Fundamentals of Transformer Commissioning and Maintenance Testing Sanket Bolar