Grid monitoring and instrument transformer test solutions

Improve electrical grid resilience and reliability with on-line monitoring and off-line instrument transformer testing solutions.

Safety, resilience and reliability are critical for electrical grids. That’s where Megger comes in. Utilities operators, distribution system operators (DSOs) and transmission system operators (TSOs) around the world rely on Megger’s extensive industry experience and comprehensive solution offerings.

Whether it’s continuous monitoring of smart grids for real-time analytics and insights, or multifunction instruments for enhanced testing of instrument transformers, we have the right solution to help maintain a reliable electrical grid.


Get ahead of any issues:

Early detection of problems and risks allow you to act before issues occur, maximizing grid uptime and safety. Megger’s on-line monitoring solution provides continuous insight into grids, with early and precise fault detection, potential fire risk identification, and predictive analytics to help you catch problems before they escalate.

Integrated insights:

The best insight comes from various sources. That’s why Megger’s on-line smart grid monitoring solutions feature seamless integration with additional data sources. Integration with weather data allows better vegetation management strategies that can support greater grid reliability. Our solutions also integrate with your distribution management systems (DMS) through DNP3, IEC104 or other protocols, helping you to streamline operations and act with efficiency.

Enhance efficiency:

An efficient grid is critical for a reliable supply of power. We can help enhance efficiency — on-line and off-line. Megger’s devices provide data-driven electrical load balancing recommendations, helping operators to optimize network load distribution and provide a stable, smooth electrical supply. Off-line, our test instruments validate the accuracy of instrument transformers, giving you confidence that they are providing accurate data and that systems are performing efficiently.

Simplify and streamline:

Test instrument transformers with greater efficiency by streamlining the process of testing and compliance reporting. Megger’s multifunction instruments remove the need for equipment setup changes, and our standardized test software can quickly and easily generate test reports — simplifying the process of maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements.

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