Electric Vehicle Charge Point Testing

Test and measurement solutions for electric vehicle charging points

Unreliable electric vehicle charge points are a major inconvenience to car owners, and plays a part in hindering the adoption of electric vehicles in more extreme cases, faulty electric vehicle safety equipment (EVSE) can cause serious electrical hazards. So it is essential that not only does testing of the EVSE need to take place during installation, but the safety and operational functionality needs to be tested routinely through the life time of the charge point. Megger have a comprehensive solution to test every part of the electric vehicle charge point life cycle.

Comprehensive solution

Megger has a complete solution that tests throughout the entire lifecycle of the charging unit. Our MFT-X1 unit paired with the EVCA adaptor enables safety testing and installation certification, while our EVCC300 checks the safety and operation during continuous maintenance.

Bringing simplicity to the complex

Complex analysis can take time that you don’t have. With their intuitive interfaces, our test equipment helps you to test both the safety devices and the communication between the charge point and a vehicle, as well as certify the charge point installation

Quick and easy certification

Megger's CertSuite Installation certification software enables you to quickly and easily create certification for the Installation of the electric vehicle charge point, using the test results direct from your MFT. Improve completion time and access your data from anywhere and on any device.

Support and expertise

The number of installed public and private charging points is rapidly increasing to keep up with the adoption of EVs, meaning that demand for the skills and expertise needed to keep up has risen exponentially, from safely installing charging points through to the maintenance of their safety devices and operation. Megger are here to provide you with the support and knowledge you need so you can continue to meet the growing demands of your customers.

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