Renewable energy application testing and maintenance

Boost the reliability, resiliency, and integrity of your renewable energy installation with Megger's cutting-edge solutions

The renewable energy market is going from strength to strength and is at the forefront of electrical innovation. Uptime, efficiency, and performance are all essential factors in renewable energy operations — and electrical testing plays a pivotal role in each.

No matter if it is an array of photovoltaic cells, hydropower generation, or an offshore wind farm, problems such as cable faults, poor power quality or transformer insulation degradation can pose a risk to operations. Megger’s innovative portfolio of testing solutions and instrumentation for renewable energy maintenance can help engineers, contractors and asset owners to address problems and keep things running smoothly.

Tailored to every project:

With an expansive range of specialised tools and technologies, we offer unparalleled diversity to meet all your testing needs. Even better, we make it simple for you: our team can help you understand how to pick the best tool for the job, every time.

Safety guaranteed:

Our instruments are engineered with safety at the forefront of their design, ensuring a secure working environment for your personnel and critical assets. Our team is also on-hand to deliver expert education for how you can best ensure the safety of your personnel.

Reliability, wherever you are:

Mobility is key in the fast-paced renewable energy industry. The portability of Megger's instruments means that you can access critical data on the integrity of your assets wherever you need it. 

Expert support you can trust:

Our dedicated global teams of experts provide training, support, and analysis to give you all the knowledge you need to optimise the management of your asset maintenance programmes. We can help with the development of testing plans that meet your priorities and needs, and can support you with new tools and methods as your needs evolve. With Megger’s long-established expertise by your side, you can overcome even the most complex renewable energy installation challenges.

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