Cracking the Code: HVCB

Essential Testing Tactics for High Voltage Circuit Breakers

Start: 10:00 am Central Time

Join us for an insightful Testing Tactics webinar on high voltage circuit breakers.

High voltage circuit breakers play a pivotal role in ensuring system reliability, making comprehensive testing imperative. This webinar will explore numerous tests available to assess the condition of a high voltage circuit breaker and will discuss the best practices and planning considerations according to tests such as contact timing, motion analysis, dynamic and static resistance, first trip, and power factor. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the nuances between dynamic resistance measurements (DRM) and static resistance measurements and learn how to effectively perform contact timing and motion analysis.

Additionally, the webinar will cover first trip testing and its significance in predictive maintenance, along with detailed insights into power factor testing and its role in diagnosing insulation health. Whether you're an experienced engineer or new to high voltage circuit breaker testing, this session will provide valuable knowledge and practical techniques to enhance your testing strategies.

This is a free webinar

All webinar attendees are eligible to receive 1 NETA CTD and 1 PDH or 0.1 CEU.