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Megger’s Relay Test Set is an Engineer’s Toolbox

With its ease of configuration and its comprehensive range of facilities, including a variable-frequency voltage source with a continuous phase-shift function, Megger’s new self-contained SVERKER 780 relay test set is an invaluable “toolbox” for protection engineers, which is capable of testing almost any type of single-phase protection relay conveniently and efficiently.

Megger announces the release of the SVERKER 780 Relay Test Unit.
A testing unit, whose design incorporates benefits earned from many years of experience in field relay testing. Compact and powerful, it provides functions needed for almost all types of single-phase protection now available on the market. The most used single phase relay tester in the world.
Megger SVERKER 780
Relay Testing
• USB interface
• Voltage output with variable frequency
• Software Sverker 3.0
• High Voltage Power-Output
• Freeze the data for post Analysis
• Connect 3 SVERKER to simulate a three-phase Relay Tester
• Read from external current and voltage
• 0 to 360 degrees phase shift capability
• Optional semi-automated software testing
SVERKER™ 780 makes it simple and easy to test.
With a USB connection, the new software SVERKER 3.0, and a voltage output with variable frequency, it is a logical development of the 760 SVERKER. Of course the software is fully backward compatible with all the other features you know from SVERKER 760.

The control panel is built like prior models of SVERKER, very logical. The SVERKER 780 has useful functions that make relay testing more efficient still. The operation using rotary switches is simple and easy in all weather conditions and even with gloves. A large, clear LCD display with backlight can be easily read from afar.
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