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Circuit Breaker Analyzer (One Break Per Phase)

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• Suitable for testing timing and travel on all circuit breakers with single interrupter per phase
• Extremely easy-to-use and reliable
• Two separate timing channels for measurement of auxiliary contacts
• Analog measurement channels for travel transducers or general voltage/current measurements
• Static and dynamic resistance measurements along with the SDRM201 accessory

The Programma EGIL is an automatic timer and motion analyzer for medium- and high-voltage substation circuit breakers. It is intended for use on circuit breakers with one contact per phase. EGIL incorporates features commonly found on more complex test systems, but is designed to be smaller, simpler to use and less expensive than other similar test sets. It’s price makes it attractive to smaller utilities and it is an ideal supplementary product for maintenance departments at larger power companies and for testing contractors.

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    Data SheetStatic / dynamic resistance measurement accessory SDRM201
    Data SheetEGIL
    Product AccessoriesEGIL accessories

    Documents (all documents are in PDF format and will open in a new window)
    Product AccessoriesEGIL accessories