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Megger introduces new Relay and Substation Test System

The SVERKER 900 is the engineer’s ultimate toolbox that addresses the increasing need for three-phase testing capability in electrical distribution substations, renewable power generation stations and industrial applications.

The toolbox for substation 3-phase testing

▪Three currents and four voltages
▪Stand-alone functionality
▪Rugged and reliable for field use
▪Generation of 900 V and 105 A in single
phase mode
▪Secondary and primary testing

Intuitive user interface
The intuitive user interface is presented on the LCD touch screen. It has a powerful combination of current and voltage sources and a versatility of measurement possibilities.
Varios primary testing can be performed
The SVERKER 900 is specifically designed for basic, manual threephase secondary testing of protection devices. In addition, various primary testing can be performed, since the current and voltage sources can be series- and/or parallel connected to allow for up to 105 A AC or 900 V AC output.

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SVERKER 900 Data sheet

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