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Worldwide Launch of TRAX Transformer and Substation Test System

TRAX is changing the transformer testing landscape, helping you to look deeper, and predict issues with your most valuable assets earlier.

• State-of-the-art winding resistance and tap-changer testing
• High-voltage ratio measurement
• Switchbox for 3-phase/6-winding measurements
• CT and VT testing
• 3-phase circuit-breaker analyzer
• LV circuit-breaker timing
• Relay testing
• Timer applications
• Phase-angle meter
• Ground (earth) impedance testing
• 4-channel power multimeter
• Oscilloscope

TRAX Transformer and Substation Test System
Megger's New TRAX - Transformer and Substation Test System is not just another multi-functional test system, but rather many intelligent instruments built into one box. It's unique combination of high-performance hardware, intuitive interface, simplicity of design and modern software allow it to easily exceed the performance and functionality of rival units while helping you save testing time.

TRAX makes multi-tasking easy through its sophisticated and user friendly apps based control software. The TRAX apps are used to control each testing function within the system, allowing you to get complex testing and advanced measurements done quickly and efficiently.

To find out what TRAX can do for you, please visit the TRAX product page.


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