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Multi-tap meets multi-task, cutting your CT testing time in half

The new Megger MRCT is an evolution in instrument transformer testing technology. This unit will simultaneously measure voltages on all taps during CT saturation, ratio and polarity tests, as well as calculate knee points and ratios on all windings.

The MRCT now features an integrated touchscreen controller, eliminating the need for a separate laptop or PC for automated testing.

Shortest test duration in the industry
Our patented system allows simultaneous measurement on all taps during CT saturation, ratio and polarity, winding resistance and insulation resistance testing. The MRCT eliminates the need to test each tap sequentially and independently, thereby reducing testing time by up to 50%.

Improved ratio accuracy
With up to ±0.1% ratio accuracy, the MRCT can be used to test both metering and protection class CTs.

One-button automated test mode
Automatically perform preset test routines on all taps without changing leads and at a single push of a button.

Intuitive manual control
In addition to fully automated testing, the MRCT also allows field users to manually configure all test settings through a user-friendly touchscreen interface.

Portable and lightweight
At 35lbs, the MRCT is the smallest and lightest secondary voltage injection unit on the market.

Visualize results instantly
Multiple instantaneous saturation curves and their knee points are plotted and calculated on the fly as the test is being performed.

Easy test data management
All test results and saturation curves can be cataloged and stored within the MRCT. Test files are saved in a versatile format and can be exported into data management software such as PowerDB.

For more information, download the detailed data sheet here.
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